Radical Empathy

Designing for extremes

Learning to reveal and address the complex social systems that produce vulnerability to ISIS-inspired, ethno-nationalist, neo-Nazi and white supremacist extremism, recruitment and violence, by walking in the shoes of people at risk.

Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else –Leonardo da Vinci

My masters students practice with systems thinking and behaviour design to learn to engage with each other in order to understand and design more effectively for young people at risk of being drawn into violent extremism. As students grapple, under pressure, with complex, messy factors and blurry needs from the perspective of both vulnerable individuals and the systems they are embedded in, they become more keenly aware about how their own behaviours encourage or inhibit the flow of knowledge and ideas into quality analysis and meaningful impact.

This action-driven course is for learning how to empathise, collaborate and lead for systemic transformation. Students step well outside their comfort zone to acquire and hone decisive skills and capacities that extend beyond the context of violent extremism.

Most important course I’ve taken (..) maybe in my life.


SBG025 Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies
Transforming Violent Extremism through Systemic Leadership, Understanding and Design
International Master in Peace, Conflict and Development Studies
UNESCO Chair of Philosophy for Peace, Universitat Jaume I